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Slave master chat flirt

Fenris Recruited A Bitter Pill Fenris Night Terrors Speak to Fenris (Act 2) The Book of Shartan Questioning Beliefs (Fenris Act 2) Speak to Fenris (Act 3) Alone Questioning Beliefs (Fenris Act 3) Blade of Mercy A Warrior's Legacy Once a slave of a Tevinter magister called Danarius, Fenris is covered in a series of lyrium-infused markings, which grant him the unnatural ability to phase through solid objects, which is somehow connected to the Fade.Fenris often uses this ability as a weapon, phasing through individuals and solidifying, killing them instantly.

Because of this, he has an aversion towards being touched.He feels that they would do anything for power, and will inevitably succumb to the temptations that demons and blood magic has to offer.During the quest Alone in Act 3, Fenris will discover that his name used to be Leto.If Hawke does not let Danarius take him, it will be revealed that Fenris's sister is, in fact, a mage.She mentions that life has been hard since their mother died, but does not say how.However, the experiments performed on him also caused him to lose all of his memories.

He fled to Kirkwall as a fugitive, hunted by the soldiers of his former master.

Being a former slave himself, Fenris is happy to help slaves flee their masters or kill the ones who hold onto their chains.

But due to his unpleasant experience with the Tevinter Magisters, he is extremely distrustful of mages, even friendly ones.

If Fenris spares his sister, he will also learn that he competed for the lyrium markings in order to free his mother and sister from slavery.

Hawke meets Fenris during the Bait and Switch quest during which he reveals that he used Anso, who had hired Hawke's party for the quest's job, as bait to lure in his former master's bounty hunters out in the open.

He may then enlist Hawke's aid in helping him clear out Danarius' mansion in Hightown so that he can confront him.

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