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How to deal with intimidating people

Then, when you confront them about their ways, they feel as though you're projecting your own weaknesses onto them and they suddenly begin to behave like a psychologist.

They worked hard to gain my trust and then turned around and created so much turmoil that it was as though I was caught in a tornado.I turned from a confident individual to a half-witted cow caught in the updraft of the spiraling winds!There are several ways to deal with a Crazymaker, but the best way is to simply let them roam in their self-loathing world --- you need to simply stay away.But, you have to be quick enough to identify these types of people because, amazingly enough, they strike fast and hard and the minute you falter, they jump in like vultures on a dead carcass.Did you ever run into that person that just nags and picks and scares you into submission?How about that person that appears to turn your world upside-down?

What about that person that literally sucks the energy right out of your soul?

Believe it or not, these people do exist and they can affect you in ways you never thought possible.

A Crazymaker is someone who feeds on negative energies and tends to pull everyone around them into major melodramas.

They are the type of people who have to either be the savior, the "I told you so", or the center of a situation.

They will do anything to take a calm and easy situation and turn it into a disaster to place them in the middle.

They will then come in and act as though it was your fault just to feed off of your negative vibes and become the hero.

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