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He is dating someone else now what

Hi, i was wondering how to make the vagina just a little bit less tight. You can try Keigles (don't think I spelled that right), but I really don't know of anything you can do. Also, are you sure that you are not tensing up and constricting? I know this is a serious problem, but i was just thinking about after i had my daughter and my husband commented on the fact that childbirth had stretched it out a little bit. i dont no if it wil work but try it in water thats wot my bf n i r goin 2 try..... My vagina is really tight and it might not be so bad if my boyfriend weren't so damn huge. When your not having sex and your alone go and finger yourself. also, he likes the girl on top, but i cant do that for him because he cant get in all the way and it hurts me too much. the more turned on and wet you are, makes it easier for him to get in. stick one finger inside your vagina to start with...

I was wondering if there is any exercise or somthing that anyone might know about that decreases the tightness?? For anyone who had this problem now and please feed back about your situation 0 there are a set of items you can get to slowly make the vagina larger. There are also products (not HRT) that can stop the tear. Also, I have heard that you can help stretch it a bit yourself (its not masturbation because it is not for the purpose of 'getting-off') but just stick one finger at a time in and maybe try it in the day or before you have sex so that it has already been stretched a bit. SOmething that has smooth sides will help, because it is less likely to get caught or pull. Lube is not the answer as I have been trying it for years and rarely makes a difference. if your man is bigger than that u can try four but i wouldnt recommend it. "I don't think you understand the problem here!I feel like it's my fault, even though I know it isn't.I'm so tight he can't get all the way in before I cry out in pain.He doesn't want to hurt me so he backs off after that.Lube is not the answer as I have been trying it for years and rarely makes a difference." I have the EXACT same problem!I've been married for 3 weeks now (I waited for marriage to have sex) and I'm so tight I'm beginning to think it's a medical problem.

My husband is so understanding, he says "we'll find a way to work through it".

I'm just so annoyed and frustrated with myself that we can't have sex like normal people!

Kegel exercises help, and you can "train" your vaginal muscles to relax. Guys may like it tight, but there is tight and tight, and the tight that we experience believe me is not always enjoyable for the guy. I have the same problem, and on numerous occasions the pain has been so bad that it has brought me to tears.

The trick is to keep him gentle the whole time-girls like us just can't have slam bam session! me n my bf had tried and failed 2 hav sex bout 10 times even though he gets me wet as rain.... It can hurt a bit sometimes but if you and your boyfriend are in love then I think he'll understand. You don't want to be to loose cuz you won't be able to feel it as much. its only been a few days so far but i think theyre working. try foreplay for like 30minutes-1 hour before having sex.

Here are my reccomendations: lay with your man, turn on some porn, while he plays with you, (foreplay) after about 20 minutes things lossen up, aply ample amount of lube to your man, have him slowly and gently insert. He takes it slow for me and he understands that sometimes there will be problems getting in.

At times I really don't want to have intercourse because of the pain it gives me, but I power through for the sake of my partner.

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