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There are many hours of high-production quality video as you watch me set up in these conditions, and then many more hours of screen capture, as you see me edit the photos you just saw captured in the field. Well, I decided to use my OWN early photos as examples of bad HDR. I say there is no need to accept the limitations of the camera.

Once you have the software, I can show you how to use it to make beautiful photos. I also showed my son how to use a BB gun and he only injured his sisters twice.I wrote this HDR photography tutorial over six years ago and I update it about every three months. This tutorial is great for new photographers as well as intermediate to beyond. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is still a relatively new way to create photos.Recently I rewrote it from scratch to incorporate all of the new things I’ve learned and I am happy to share them with you here. I’ve traveled around the world and shot with many incredible photographers.If you prefer to watch a video, I have a HDR Video Tutorial for Macs or Complete HDR Tutorial for Windows course that you might enjoy even more than this texty-version! After we shoot, we get together to compare techniques and post-process photos late into the night.Hundreds of thousands of people have used this tutorial to learn how to make beautiful HDR photos — I am sure it can teach you too! Over time I’ve crafted a best-of-breed solution that will help you create your own unique art. If you use some special HDR software, you can see all the light in the final photo that you can see when you are standing on the scene.This tutorial not only teaches HDR, but it will help you create a style that is quintessentially your own! This is a brand-new video tutorial that is great for beginners, and it also has lots of meat in there if you are intermediate or advanced. It wasn’t obvious to me at the time, but now it is. Perhaps you’ve been in a beautiful spot and taken a photo and it comes out flat and disappointing.

It’s over 10 hours long, but you’ll be up and running in half an hour with your first HDR shot! With HDR processing there is no longer a need for that — now the final image can be as truly evocative as it was when you were there.

I edit a ton of photos in every possible situation: Indoor, Outdoor, Sunrise, Sunset, Mid-Day, Mixed Indoor-Outdoor, Action, Movement, People, Nature & Landscape, Architectural, Travel, and more. The human eye can see so much more than a single shot from your camera!

The first thang you’re gonna need is some HDR Software.

If you have a Mac, I strongly recommend Aurora HDR Pro then follow the Free HDR Tutorial for Macs.

If you use Windows, I recommend getting Photomatix Pro and use the coupon code “TREYRATCLIFF” to save 15%.

If you’re using Photomatix, you can get a huge head start if you grab Trey’s Photomatix Presets.

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